By Livingandloving


Monday, I hated to do it,, but I left camp to run home for the day. I was so worried about our buddy boy, Topaz.  He has never been home entirely alone over night....and it had been two nights.  I found him pretty relaxed, but happy to see me.  It was clear that he had picked up a few habits of chasing flies, and jumping on the table.  He has been so bored.  I spent the day reading and playing with my boy.  I did take a shower as well...which was really nice.  I fed the chickens, hamster, fish....and watered the tomatoes.  Everyone needed me.  

I arrived back at camp just in time for dinner (lasagna), and campfire time.  Sugar had a great day.....much of the same stuff, but she never tires of time camping with her cousins.  

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