Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Wood and Sandstone

I couldn't believe what i was seeing! As many times as I've been to Penrith Show I've never noticed the sawn off trunks or roots of these trees in the wall.  There's not just these. There are about a dozen of them!

Beyond this wall is the road with only a few feet high wall along it. I'm finding it difficult to picture these trees. I've lived over here for 47 years, I wonder when they were felled?

Anyhow! A different start to Penrith Show. The Mate had a cabinet making course going on so he dropped off his trailer at 8am and The Man and I set about putting up the marquee. The Mate joined us in the mid afternoon.

Things aren't boding well for this show! We sat outside the marquee in the evening watching the sheet lightening, so prettily pink around us. Thunder not very loud. No sign of the wonderful total eclipse of the moon1

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