Steel Vengeance

This is the new roller coaster at Cedar Point. It is a hybrid wooden-steel coaster called Steel Vengeance. It used to be the all-wooden Mean Streak, but that was closed in 2016 and converted to this coaster by Rocky Mountain Construction. This is RMC's signature coaster method.

This was the fifth coaster by this company I've ridden and is by far the best. Jill and I got two rides today and one last night. It's got amazing negative G-forces.

More photos from Cedar Point in extras. They are Top Thrill Dragster at the start of its 0-120 mph launch, Steel Vengeance's 90-degree drop and riders at the bottom of the first drop on Raptor. I also got four rides on Raptor on this trip, bringing my total Raptor count to 1,180.

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