Monomonday 236..........Vices and Virtues

I have chosen to represent the virtues of Charity and Diligence :-)))

I was asked by the Driver to help his brother's company with some images for a brochure to replace some they weren't happy with.  The advertising company quoted $800 to fix by photoshop (Avarice) and more to retake.

The company provides Residential Aged Care and this building is the latest in their stable.  The building is beautiful. It was originally known as the Claremont Asylum for the Insane, built in 1903 and decommissioned in 1985.  It then became a target for graffitist and dodgy people.
The company has spent millions of dollars to completely renovate whilst retaining the charm and architectural beauty of the limestone and brick building. It is Heritage Listed. 
My brief was to do some internal images which, as you may imagine, is not a beach scene!  Out with the wide angle (which wasn't wide enough) and I freely gave them two hours (Charity) and I tried really hard to fulfil the brief (Diligence). I can only hope they are happy with the pics.

I did remove the 16-35mm and popped the 50mm on as I said I would. This is a 6 shot stitched pano.

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