A walk over Ainthorpe Moor this morning

This is one of the Panierman paths so is way marked with large stones - they would have needed them when the snow is on the ground.  The heather is just beginning to come out and is better in some places than others.  The last time we were here I did this walk each morning, often before breakfast but I’m not sure I’ll manage it this week.  My left knee is playing up and the track on this walk is so rutted with motorbike tracks that it makes walking really difficult.  My knee isn’t too keen on downhill, which is quite steep in places on the return.  Maybe I should try it the other way round.
We’ve had a very short walk along the Esk Valley trail this afternoon from Castleton.  A relatively flat walk felt much easier but I have to confess my knee was ready to turn around after about a mile.  It's a lovely walk, mainly through birch woodland and one of these days we’ll make a circular walk out of it.  

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