I went with the classic look this time. This was my first visit to Kennywood since 2004. It's a wonderful amusement park with a mix of old and new rides. Thunderbolt opened in 1924 as Pippin and was modified in 1968 to become Thunderbolt. This photo is taken before it enters an intense double helix.

It rained on and off all day. That kept crowds away, but some rides took awhile to open. But we got on all the major coasters except Sky Rocket, which closed a few weeks ago for a mechanical issue.

In extras: Phantom's Revenge in the first drop; Phantom's Revenge at the bottom of the first drop; Jack Rabbit in its famous double-down; and the carousel, which was built by Dentzel in 1927 and includes a real working organ. Most carousels have a speaker that plays music, so it was wonderful hearing the original sounds.

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