Its the Way It Is

By Jeano


Brought my grand-daughter to Bray beach for a swim. When we arrived there, she decided it was too cold (air temp in Dublin today 17 degrees after highs of 27 last week) and it was starting to drizzle. I had quick dip and when I came out of the sea, it was raining heavily. I reached into my beachbag for a towel and realised I had forgotten to bring one.

So I had to improvise quickly as I was wet and getting rained on. I had a similar packet of tissues to this one in my bag. I dried myself from head to toe with a packet of tissues. It’s do-able... trust me. Necessity is the mother of invention.

We had hot chocolate then.

We played tennis this afternoon and now Jumanji calls.

My husband drove a small sports-car years ago and when the gear stick broke, he used part of an old walking stick he picked up in a junk shop with a carved skull at the top of it as the gear stick. Now that’s classic improvisation.

I am on my hols this week - happy days!

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