Beemer - Spares Or Repair

This car has been hiding under a tarpaulin for the last few months - but today, as we walked past, it had been exposed - possibly the wind had lifted the cover, see extra

It is a bit of mess inside although the bodywork looks in good nick. It is an ’03’ plate which puts it at about 15 years old. It is owned by the same chap that owns this - - although that one is now completely immersed in junk…

A visit to the dentist this morning for the completion of my root canal filling. Unfortunately she was making ‘hmmmm’ noises during the operation - and at the end (after an hour and 10 minutes) she said it had been a lot more difficult than expected and the tooth may need crowning after all :-(

Some good news on the granddaughter’s bed - a new part has arrived and is undamaged - although the packaging was damaged and our daughter made the courier unwrap it to check the contents (they weren’t too happy about that). So that is Wednesday’s job sorted….

Off to start making tea

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