What I saw today

By Hilary

Ceiling of the British Museum

This is a drawing of mine of the mad fantastic ceiling in the British Museum in London that is kind of shaped like a doughnut.

I have been doing for a very long time now as I work on it and then get stuck and have to look at it for ages until I can decide what to do next to it, and then suddenly I am off again and now its nearly finished - when to finish is always the problem - do I put the shadows cast by the window on the round building or leave it as it is ???

This is one of my BIG drawings of about 1m across, so it takes up a lot of room in my dinning room. It is black and white compressed charcole. I know its not accurate to the real thing but its not supposed to be, I like to bring in the organic feel of the structure as if it had a life of its own. I hope you like it, I have enjoyed making it.

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