Are you able to guess what today's blip is - I have turned it 90 degrees and cropped it and that's about all - a Phalaenopsis orchid.  Does it look abstract enough for the challenge.  
Many thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday.

Time today has been short and it's my 365th post to blip.
I did miss a couple of days when I was in hospital but apart from that, I haven't missed a day.  
I have had fun sharing pics with you all and I can't believe you tolerate some of my not so tolerable shots.  Anyhow, I appreciate all you have said and suggestions sent my way - I love it.  
For all her encouragement and companionship, thanks Ninniex.   

I'm short on words tonight - the hot water system broke down last night in the storm, poor sleep due to the storm and then golf today with presentations tonight.  A biggy.  My partner and I came home with some prizes.  We are both thrilled with ourselves.  
I'm off now to catch a few Zzzz
I'll see you tomorrow.  

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