Housewife's Choice

By christilou


at Goodwood.  The young lady in the grey hat garnered much attention and I gather she's on the front page of the Telegraph.  It was extremely hot and we managed to find a couple of seats under an umbrella shared by two tables.... the bits of me on one side are pretty scorched though :(  We went with another couple and had a car park picnic.  The field in which we parked is on a slope and so it requires a bit of skill to place one's chair in a stable position... my husband once fell right off his much to the amusement of the other race picnickers!  The part I enjoy most when the racing is all over and we return to the cars and finish our picnic off as the sun goes down and the traffic subsides.  The light was glorious and certainly Goodwood lives up to that celebrated title :)

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