musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha

Caged life

I can’t even imagine how it is to live a life in a room that barely fits you. You do get your meals and perhaps they let you out twice a day for five minutes to do your ‘business’. If given the choice would anyone choose this life?!

Many Nepali dogs belonging to some hypocrites homes face this all their life. Some perhaps even are born into the cage, spend their life in there and take their last breath there!

When people come to our house they get very shocked that our dogs run free and are allowed everywhere (not anymore in our bedroom now). Some even ask if we could please put them in the kennel outside while they are at the house. I respectfully decline. The kennel is there for a reason.

To all my Nepali friends, if you are reading this, please don’t get dogs if you are not committed. Don’t get lured by the cuteness of the puppy coz they don’t stay Puppy all their life! They grow! And if you already have one, please please don’t take their freedom away from them!

Since past few weeks Phil and I have been playing futsal with some colleagues every Friday. I have come back home with heavy heart each Friday. I see this beautiful golden retriever locked into the kennel! :(

The photo is of our two, who we sometimes keep in the cage for less than 30 minutes to avoid garden digging until Rashmi or one of my sisters comes to rescue them.

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