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Facebook Connection Bug...

Hi everyone - Annie from the central Blip team here.

There we were last night, hanging about and having a quiet evening at home, and next thing we found was that a change Facebook had made had broken the automatic feed of posts from Blip to Facebook. 

Obviously not everyone uses Facebook as well as Blip, and not everyone that does will post their blips to their wall. But some you that do post got in touch with us to tell us. If you don't use Facebook, then browse on now...

Slightly annoyingly, there were a bunch of changes that went into Facebook's update yesterday: we'd looked at them and wrongly assessed no change needed. On the plus side, a tweet yesterday from Twitter themselves suggested they'd done the same - so we don't feel in bad company there!

This morning (with the help of our ever wonderful part-time developer) we've made changes to the site to fix this issue. Here are the important points:

- Facebook will now no longer allow an automatic feed from third party apps, so it is no longer possible to automatically update Facebook from Blip;

- However, it is possible to make the post yourself as a user. We've made this easier for you by adding a "Share on Facebook" button on the page that is shown once you've published your Blip;

- This makes a slightly messy situation of being able to auto-post to Twitter on the page where you compose your Blip, but only being able to publish to Facebook on the next page once published. We'll have a think about how to get this tidier - but wanted to get this fix out for you asap today;

- Some of you were having Facebook permissions errors when trying to connect to Facebook. These should now be fixed.

If you're having any problems with the Facebook feed, then please contact us on the Blip Help (on the Ask Us option) here. It's worth remembering that that's the best place to contact us for support in general - we don't actively monitor anywhere else.

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