Flower Friday

Today was a day of two halves.  This morning I went with Ann to Warwick Hospital to have my nine monthly heart check, which was due at the beginning of the year, I was finally was offered a cancellation. I would grumble but I think the NHS do a wonderful job under trying circumstances.  The consultant gave me the once over then sent me for a blood test and chest x-ray, not something they normally do but I am suffering with a bad cold at the moment that is causing congestion. There was a wait for x-ray so we had a drink in the hospital cafe then wandered back and was seen pretty quickly.  The consultant rang later in the afternoon to confirm it was a virus and not a chest infection and there was no need for antibiotics, which I do feel are given out too readily, especially in these days pre-Brexit when food and medicines are being stockpiled by the government!!

Anyway after leaving the hospital we went to our friends Maureen and Ian who had kindly invited us to lunch as we were in the neighbourhood.  We had a lovely lunch prepared by Ian and spent the afternoon sitting around chatting.

On arrival home I took the Olympus into the garden to find some flower shots for today's Flower Friday hosted by BikerBear.  Here are a pair of Dahlias.

BTW: we are informed by Blip Central that the Facebook interface hitch has been circumvented.  Hopefully this blip will arrive on your timeline, for those of you that use FB.

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