Political pasting

Today we were pasting political posters onto chipboard and nailing them onto sharp sticks. No it's not time for the revolution complete with armed resistance, just time to put up electioneering posters!

It was a glorious, hot, not so sticky day ay 75% humidity. Quite a relief after 90% grotesquely sticky. I was not so perky after half an hour in the blazing sun so I retreated to the shade and prepared stencils for T-shirt printing for a bit. (IT'S OUR TURN NOW) A nice quiet activity suited to my somewhat fragile self.

What a rubbish night it was. Despite the (otherwise always effective) cough medicine I woke up repeatedly coughing like a consumptive from 2 till 6. So I slept till going up for 11 - unheard of! Today is the last day of the dreaded antibiotics, and I am hoping that life will calm down. Weird that I've got so much worse during the "cure"... Thanks for all the good wishes and the suggestions (vick on feet plus socks). At this stage I'm willing to give anything a try!

We pasted, we stuck posters on board, we sawed, we nailed, we got hot, we drank coffee, we ate soup and we conversed for hours (injustices, education, pensions and poverty, refugees, beggars, culture, creativity, worry, delight) after the work was called off for the day. Back to finish off on Monday. For now the barn is their home. The thumbnail poster says "Sweden for everyone, not just for the richest." Oh, yes please.

Our soda stream arrived at the ICA in town and we collected it this evening. We now have carbonated tap water of great magnificence. And no plastic bottles were needed to transport the water from anywhere, to anywhere else, no fuel was spent, and our own water is the best there is! I celebrated Keith's new toy by having a beer, traitor that I am!

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