I quite often see women...

...changing their shoes before going into the office.

Found out later that this was something to do with a free circus which is on tonight and tomorrow evening in Guildhall Yard.  Made for a fun photo this morning though!

Back to work today, then walked to Trafalgar Square this evening to go to the BP Portrait Awards with my friend Lizzie.  Got there only to find the National Portrait Gallery shut!  We've been going to the same exhibition for years, usually on a Thursday evening, so neither of us thought to check whether it would be open - turns out they appear to have moved their light night opening from Thursdays to Fridays.  D'oh.  

Ah well, we weren't too upset - we took ourselves off to the pub instead and had a good old catch up :)  Stayed out until gone 9pm, then caught the train home and Tim met me at the station.

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