By fifi69

What’s in a blip?

This Pegasus was painted by a lovely young lady and I wanted a picture to put on Facebook. When I looked at the picture afterwards I saw so many ‘abstract’ but vital ‘concepts’. Children -where our hope for the future lies. The mug was my friend Craftylady’s - life is so much better for the joy and support of friends. Pegasus-Magic in everything around us if only we look. Books where we find distraction, knowledge, laughter facts, education, careers, imagination and escape. Colours and rainbows beauty and traditionally hope and promises. Who knew there was so much in a simple blip!
Thank you Ingeborg for hosting. Thank you for visiting my pictures and for the stars and hearts. I’m hoping to become more consistent with my blips I haven’t got the ‘every day’ bit sorted out yet!!

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