By wingpig


A peaceful place in the morning. Much better than the roads.

It's never nice to discover that someone you hitherto considered reasonable and pleasant is a scumbag arsehole. It's generally much better when these things are established the first time you encounter someone so that steps can be taken to ensure you never hear anything they say ever again, nor indeed lay eyes upon them.
It's particularly unfortunate when the newly-revealed arsehole is the newish husband of someone whose previous boyfriend was also an arsehole, albeit one of an entirely different and arguably more unpleasant variety. When the wife involved is one of your girlfriend's oldest friends... next time I'll say something to avoid all this hand-wringing bollocks but this time I'm ashamed to admit that besides involuntarily screwing up my face into "astounded disgusted incredulity #32" and thoroughly ignoring the perpetrator for the remainder of the evening I didn't otherwise indicate to him that his twattish behaviour was not acceptable for fear of disrupting a social group which has existed for about twenty-five years.

Other than that it was quite a pleasant night through in Ayr meeting some of Nicky's schoolfriends. Rather than going for the usual meal to make it easier on those peoples withs small childrens we ended up just having some drinks in a shiny pub (only seven comments when I ordered a coffee) then more drinks in two increasingly scaffy pubs (had to alternate beer with water as coffee was a little beyond their repertoire) followed by an excruciating half-hour in a restaurant followed by an even scaffier pub with unavoidable Karaoke in which was fortunately shutting just as we arrived.

I did spend about half an hour in the afternoon attempting to get a macro shot of one of the many bees flitting around Nicky's parents' garden alternately mating and supping from flowers but they wouldn't stay still long enough to be focussed upon whilst in flight.

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