By Topsyturvy

Almost autumnal

Up in the hills again and the bracken, which seems very short this year, is already turning shades of rust and gold. The sheep that range freely are usually quite obvious in this short stuff which made Poppydog herding a lot simpler. Pd is noticeably more limber today and had a good mini-bounce round. She looked so pleased with herself I had to laugh!!

Another serendipitous meeting today which demonstrated what a small world we live in. I admired a very fine pair of cocker spaniels, beautifully trained and loving it, and discovered that their owner was brought up in Orkney. His father was in the Fleet Air Arm and was stationed there during the war, making many friends among the Orcadians. 10 years later he moved there with his wife and the chap I met still has a brother living there and fond memories of growing up in Evie. It is truly an even tinier world as he had also worked for the BBC and could possibly have encountered my Dad at some point. We could have chatted for hours but I could see his wife was getting a little restless!

I 'played' with the new iron which doesn't trip all the downstairs circuits like the old one did. So now relaxing in a cloud of virtuosness.

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