Sharing a moment..

It was a lovely morning just doing the little things. Trying to figure out what my dad would eat.. I brought over a hamburger and a strawberry sundae. He was sleeping when I got there. Most of the time we can wake him up but today it wasn't meant to be. Oh he was woken up now and then to make sure he drank some water at least but went right back to sleep.. 

I saw this lovely little bird at one of the places I went today.  Coming home, I finally was in the mood to clean my bedroom. I'm one of those that if I have to buy something and I become done with it (technology mostly), I put it in a corner for a rainy day.. That corner took up almost half the bedroom before today.. I also needed to hang the picture I received the other day. It took me almost an hour to take this picture in the extra. So many reflections from everything.. this was the best I could do. My parents got me that picture of Denali up in Alaska. Of the 3 trips there, we saw the mountain twice. 

I got an easy day to Tangent Oregon tomorrow, sleeping in the truck tomorrow night, spending some time delivering in Portland before heading home Monday afternoon.. 

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