By Tinasstuff

What holes?

Me and Ryver went to the RI today. We watched a 'lecture' on Chemistry. It was full of bangs and balloons and bubbles. The scientist was a stereotype mad professor today, he told us all today that he was 2 hours late and that was the fastest he had ever set up! I love watching Ryver getting excited by science as I really wasn't that inspired. I have learnt more in science since home schooling Ryver than I ever did at school. The scientist did have a little mishap today, a little too much gas went into a container and the lid shot off to quickly into the audience. The poor girl who it hit, was more embarrassed by the fuss being made around her after, than she was hurt.

After the session, they only last about an hour. I wanted to see the new Bomber Harris memorial in Green Park. So we walked there to have lunch. The last time we were in this park in the Summer, Ryver ended up having 5 stitches in his knee. So he wasn't really full of enthusiasm to go there. Anyway, we went, and no accidents this time. He was pleased to discover that the gravel that caused the injury last time has been 'glued' down!

Whilst we were walking to the memorial, which is fantastic by the way. I said to Ryver, "Oh I can see something interesting, look can you see the holes?"
"no, what holes?"
At this point we are standing in front of the above sculpture.
"what?! Look there, holes?!" I say to him,
"No mummy, they are circles, not holes"

SmartArse was thought, but "well done babe, your right" was said.

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