birch roots

Yesterday was a fairly slow and quiet day, today was more focussed and productive. Stretching etc was done, some of it sitting in a half lotus whilst mending a pair of trousers. We ate the last of my granola  for breakfast, so that's a little job to be done before morning.

It rained quite persistently till the middle of the afternoon, but now we are basking in the sunshine of a calm evening. My blip is two birch bark wreathes that I made when we were flattening the ground for the boat house. I've been researching how you are supposed to work with roots, but can find no details about how you remove the bark. So I played around till I found a way that was fast and simple (fingernails, knife, persuasion). The drawback was I had stained brown hands and nails for days! I suppose I'll do something with these rings, they are so strong and stable (unlike a certain government of a certain country dear to my heart). I have a bucket full of roots I can make more things with...

I was at Betty's in the monsoon, printing on T-shirts and cutting new stencils. I did these using thick, soft plastic which has turned out really well. I cut a double layer of plastic, giving me a replacement I the stencil is damaged. Two for the same effort as one, I learnt that trick from a textile printing friend. It's obvious, but I hadn't thought of it myself.

The big bag is all packed now for the next offering of printed T-shirts but I think it will have to wait till I can be more organised than out in someone's garden. Simple things will work but screen printing (today's play) requires planning, surfaces for drying things on and water. And later an iron to fix the colour... Anyhow, Keith and I have T-shirts to canvass in!

We both wore jumpers at various times today. The first time in weeks. It is getting dark for a short while in the night now, and the first incidents of gentle moaning have been heard on Facebook. People love the light here, and they tend to dread - or at least dislike -  the darkness. It has never bothered me much, and since I stopped working I can get out in the light every day which makes it all seem easier. But for now we are enjoying the extended summer, with just the odd autumnal hiccup.

Thinking of all the people  - and some friends - sweltering in Spain and Portugal, I'm so glad to hear the weather is calming down. It sounds like it's all far too much for most people. I wonder if we are hearing the wake up calls?

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