secret garden

By freespiral

Miss Clerke's

A day day of artiness today and back to Skibbereen for we haven't yet done the Art Trail connected with the festival and it finishes tomorrow. Another look around the Great Hunger exhibition, excellent, and then to several more pop up galleries around town. Some really good work - paintings, ceramic , photography, textiles. And some large pieces have been specially commissioned around the town - see extra. I thought this little shop was a work of art in itself, freshly painted - even the blind is co-ordinated. It's a grocery shop, tended by Miss Clerke with charm and dignity.

We also went to look at the final sculpture  of the 110 Girls project. Simple and very moving. The other extra. 

Back home and Ahakista festival continues - everywhere absolutely rammed with music, barbecues, games on the strand etc. AngelsShare was there a bit earlier.

 I escaped the mayhem and enjoyed a peaceful swim.

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