The drabness of drought

From months of drought and two days' rain
drab, faded beige sprouts hints of green
but trees still slouch, their branches lack
the will to rally, short of sap.

by moi

Although I did take some prettier photos today, I have chosen this one to record how very parched everywhere looks. That said, those two days of heavy rain, did result in a modest greening of the beige. Not sure how long it will last.

In the last couple of hours, after 6pm, I've had a frenzy of gardening activity. It was too hot earlier in the day. The recycling bin is almost full, although I trod down the contents three or four times. It's another ten days till it will be emptied.

Now relaxing with a Pimm's that includes mint leaves picked from the garden. Most refreshing!

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