"I'm A Seagull, I Like To Fly"

We heard this lone gull calling plaintively before we saw it. It gave me enough time to grab the camera and capture it as it alighted on the northerly chimney. I think it's a lesser black-backed gull, judging by its yellow legs. I thought it was quite interesting to see that its wingspan is equivalent to six bricks. Bricks are nine inches across so it has a wingspan of fifty-four inches, quite big.

I read in the paper the other day that gulls had been seen in towns and cities and that was a sign of bad weather. I've covered this on blip before. That used to be true when I was a child in the fifties. These days gulls live in built up areas all year round feeding on our rubbish. I think what the reporter had seen was noticeable flocks of gulls gorging on flying ants which tend to swarm at this time of year. They eat so many that they get drunk on the formic acid. 

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