By wrperry

Piping Plover Chick

I have heard about the Piping Plovers for years here at the Cape, from signs posted on the bayside beaches.  The signs identify roped areas that are off limits due to nesting endangered birds.  Today I spotted a baby with an adult and wondered if they were the plovers.  Sure enough, the Piping Plovers were out looking for worms during low tide.  The little one was sweet - a tiny ball of feathers.  I placed an adult in extras. During breeding season, their bills are orange and black, turning to black in the winter, when they leave to head a bit further south.  I guess those restricted areas are paying off.

I was lucky to get to the beach during low tide, when you can walk out for miles (or so it is claimed).  It is a terrific location for  children to walk in the water and explore.  One father was out with five little ones.  I don't believe they were all his, but they followed him around like the Pied Piper.

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