Photo-a-day retirement

By mpp26

Felicia flower

This is a photo of the rhododendron! or it would be if I hadn't forgotten that I hadn't downloaded those pics, and formatted the card!

So had to do a quick Blip at my son's house while we waited for the EQC team to come, to sign off his house. It's not finished but we could see it never was going to be done to his satisfaction, so when they offered a pay out he jumped at the chance to see the back of them. Not a happy experience.

So Felicia it is, a big bed of them very bright in the sunshine.

So angry I can hardly breathe - so I rush home from school, pick up my husband, drive through the traffic to our son's house, he left work early, rushed home, and we sat and waited and waited - and no one from EQC bothered to turn up to the appointment - they didn't email, they didn't ring they just didn't bother. I can't believe we've been let down yet again. What more can we do????

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