musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha

Little River

Continuous rain for two/three days means floods and landslides for the most part of my country.

Our road has turned into a little river and kids and adults are having fun going out in the water. Well, the adults are also worried and are trying to create barriers so that the waters don't go into their lanes/roads and houses.

Our little community is called 'Naya Basti' which means a new settlement. The neighbourhood has grown like a mushroom in the past few years. Unstrategic planning of the town including the drainage creates this problem every single year. Every year, the roads are flooded, and the water leaves small holes on the roads... after a few months, there are bigger potholes. After a year, we wonder if the roads were ever tarmacked!

When pointed this to anybody, including me, our first reaction would be 'k garne' meaning what to do?!

There is so much to do in fact.

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