Here and Now

By Mole

Last Blast

. . . of the blue irises brought home fully closed a week ago today.

It’s been another hot-hot-hot, humid-humid-humid day. I’m claiming the blast of glorious rainfall now descending as my reward for a heavy duty cleaning day inside and out. Plus 5 loads of laundry. (A tie with Mambo :))

And, I finally made contact with UH about the expensive tests run without my knowledge or consent, after 3 voice mails (no option to have a live person answer of course, but the recording says my “call is important”. Of course it is - to me.). I wonder if disputing the charge on my credit card got their attention at last?

Of course I wanted to blast my dissatisfaction, but mine was the voice of calm and reasonableness. :):)

Thanks to Laurie54 for hosting.

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