Growing Old Competitvely

Visited a unique exhibition today, the first one I have ever seen devoted to portraying outstanding older athletes.
For photographer Alex Rotas challenges perceived ideas about what growing old looks like.
Her exhibition Growing Old Competitively, at the Park gallery, Callander features men and women well into their 80s and 90s taking part in athletics.
Tony Bowman (pictured) is seen taking part   part in the 80m hurdles event 80-84 year old age group in Birmingham.
Even though he has been through bowel surgery as well as a coronary angioplasty he still considers himself to be “ one of the fittest 80+ year olds in the country.
Some of my favourite images were of Olga Kotelko competing in the high jump event in the 95-99 old age group (see extra) and 87 year old Rosa Pederson from Denmark winning the women’s long jump event in her age group, the 85-89 year old category.( extra photo)
This is an inspiring exhibition and its good to see older people portrayed in so vibrant and positive way.
What all these athletes share is a certain “bloody mindedness”. They are not letting age stop them from doing stuff they love.

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