Cloud Watching on a Summer Afternoon

Circumstances this week are such that I'll be in the office on Friday; so I swapped days, and got Monday as my weekly day off instead. It was shaping up to be a warm one, just a few more days of high heat. In fact, perhaps one of the last too-hot spells of summer. One can only hope.

We had assumed that most of the local swimming spots were closed because of Friday's flooding. But I emailed Whipple Dam and Greenwood Furnace and discovered they hadn't closed at all. So my husband and I went out for a nice lunch at Couch's and then went for a swim at Whipple Dam.

The cloud show was the story of the day. Huge, puffy, white clouds sailed across the sky. They were joined by some darker clouds that threw shadows on us in the swimming area (that beach area to the right).

And so it was that I I stood, breathing out, breathing in; watching patterns of light and shadow move across shades of green, and blue, and white. Is there anything more fine than cloud watching on a summer afternoon?

The song has to be something special about the clouds: Joni Mitchell, with Both Sides Now.

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