Speaking Softly

This hummer was sitting right outside my door and waited for me to get my camera...open the door....and take a couple of shots before he went back to slurping up the nectar of the Hot Lips flowers.

Very Very hot, but a nice breeze made it bearable day. Hubby kept turning the air conditioning down and I kept thinking of the electric bill and raised the temperature  back up.

I didn't get much sleep last night; I had some things bothering me . I finally got up and sorted a couple things out. Then today I sorted out a big problem in my business; I had coded one entry wrong and it was throwing everything off in the year 2017 which I was auditing. It was an important tax deposit so I was stressing on it.....but all is good.....it all balances perfectly now. Yay!!  Can I go to bed now and get some sleep? I hope so.

Thanks osuzanna for hosting TT again. 

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