Hanullis Tree Project

By HanulliTree


The ants, which live at the bottom to the trunk of the ONE TREE are big black ones. They really drove me crazy, rushing along the moss and bark.
Here you can see a portrait of one of those warriors, who tried to chase me away :-) 
(Sucessfully, I've to admit. They really hurt!)

Here  you can see, that the ONE TREE has some problems. Not every acorn will survive...
Here I added another view to the sunflowers and the Veste Otzberg, through the branches of the One Tree :-)

I'm still trying to backblip the photos from May and June, and I hope I'll get it sorted today, so that you'll find a link in my blip of yesterday, that I'll have to backblip, too. Because it is only a basic journal, I can't change anything later... that's the way it is...
Thanks to Osuzanna for hosting Tiny Tuesday in August :-)

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