Breakfast Bureaucracy

Breakfast out today, at Morango Bar (entrance pictured), as we had to go into town to register Lula after he'd been chipped. Which, apparently, we can't do, as we are not registered yet. Bit of a surprise, but no arguing with the man. 

So we started the process... He needed our parents' names, which he was sure would be on our passports, only they weren't (as we'd said). Thank goodness he didn't demand our birth certificates, as mine are American or Equadorian, don't think he could have coped with that complication. I say "our", but actually, only Mike, as I didn't have some other essential bit of paper, as thought  we were registering Lula, not ourselves.

Anyway, had tostas, which are toasted cheese and ham sandwiches, with milky coffee. I've blipped the cat in that window here.

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