By Missycat

FlowerFriday10_2018 Refreshed!

Today was back to the routine and remarkably busy.  Violet came to me as usual and I took her to spend a 2 hour session with her new childminder.  While she was there, I managed to put diesel in the car and quickly shop for picnic items and dinner tonight.  After I had collected her we set out with Aunty (Daughter #1) to meet Violet's friend S and her mummy - and today also her grandma - at Forty Hall.
The weather forecast for today had kept changing but the final version predicted rain, often heavy, from around midday onwards.  It was not wrong!  We set out in heavy rain but it stopped as we arrived, giving us enough time to dash to the café for lunch.  There was another downpour after which we managed a quickish walk around the grounds and just made it to our respective cars before around 3.30pm
Once home, Violet enjoyed a craft session with her Aunty (involving a great deal of glue, glitter and sequins) while I dashed round preparing the spare bedroom and cleaning the bathroom ready for a friend's arrival tonight.  Our friend will be going to Lords tomorrow with Mr MC and I believe that they will be lucky with the weather!
After Violet had gone this evening, I managed to dash round the garden with my camera.  Some of the flowers have been rather dashed by the rain, but the garden definitely looks better for a good soaking.  I couldn't make up my mind, so collage it is.
The extra is of the girls having lunch at Forty Hall.

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