In Case of Ruby Withdrawal

You haven't seen Ruby lately so in case you are getting desperate I thought I'd give you two photographs from today.
Johanna and Luke, with Ruby, dropped in on us today unexpectedly, it was a lovely surprise and gave me the opportunity for a blip.
On the left Ruby is fast asleep on Marlane and on the right she has woken up, lying on the carpet, just enjoying being able to wriggle and kick her legs.

On Saturday Night, through to Sunday morning, Luke and Johanna have to do a 'Download' test so will both be awake monitoring Ruby to see if she can come off the oxygen tube.

She is now 5.5lb but still only 4 days after her due date but nearly 2 calendar months old now. Born 12 June but she was only 28 weeks in size at the time so started life 12 weeks early in effect.

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