Andrew's Random Photos

By andrewhiggins

Standing stones

By the River Severn at Lydney, Gloucestershire, near the ancient harbour are these standing stones, looking especially good in the low, setting sun. How many over the years have seen this sight, at this very spot..?
Well not ancient man for sure. They are a fine sculpture, made in 2007 by local artist David Yeates, from stones used to make a temporary dam at the harbour lock-gates.
A day spent doing my accounts meant escape from my laptop and desk were essential, one of those moments when the printer not working is a blessing, as I just got up and left it.
The River Severn at Lydney is very wide, the river tidal, so it was great to take a walk by the rushing river as the tide came in, that mix of sound, wind, and silence, perfect for clearing the mind.
The printer worked when I got back, maybe it had had enough too...

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