Occasionally Focused

By tsuken


Weird old day. Very busy one at work, and abandoned by a case manager (who I’d thought would be my ride) after a patient review, leading to a fast walk from the hospital to the community health centre - past Mt St Mary's, so I snapped a few photos

I've a feeling I've taken exactly this photo before, but I'm not having any luck finding it back through my blips.

In the evening we had a farewell dinner for a case manager from another of the community teams. My contribution to the “emotional baggage” bag of small gifts we gave her was a card trick. I did a trick called the Anniversary Waltz - instead of for a couple, it was for her, and our team, and farewelling rather than celebrating an anniversary. I think I tailored it well, and the trick certainly seemed to have the intended effect - with the multiply-signed card being the keepsake for the emotional baggage bag.

It was a good evening all round, too.

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