Pomegranate Promise

The pomegranate the Padre gifted us with when we moved up here, has flowered, exciting. I love really juicy pomegranates, especially when the seeds are all removed into a dish, and mixed with a drop of Port wine.

Speaking of whom, there are great preparations going on at his for his birthday banquet (you couldn't really call it a dinner) tomorrow. He's basically totally doing up the ground floor of his house; he used to use the banqueting hall in our flat when we lived there, but it's now rented to a young couple who want their privacy. Mike has been making an extra leaf for one of the tables and drilling holes for light fittings and other fixtures; C and the Padre have been painting, R cleaning, and we've been given the old furniture he wants rid of. The flat is huge, even larger than the one we rented.

Will hopefully be my Blip tomorrow...

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