Forgot my camera, again

We went to town today, to the open-air museum, Murberget. There was a concert to support Mannaminnne, a fabulous place which is hard to describe. The name means "in living memory". It was more or less the work of one man, the artist Anders Åberg, and his wife Barbro. Together they built up a whole hillside of houses from various places, some taken down and re-constructed on their land. There are different activities in the buildings, there's a Norwegian Stave church which was built one summer, and houses given to the museum by Hungarians, Estonians, Koreans - and hundreds of given objects from our area. Talk about honouring the land you stand on! It's an amazing life's work and Anders has sadly recently left the planet.

He was not at ease with organisations and officialdom, he was a free, creative spirit - and he wasn't a diplomat. Partly due to this he has not had the financial support this project deserved. He's soldiered on for decades, not taking a fee for people who visited, wanting to keep things accessible -  and Mannaminne has produced amazing things and events. If you ever come to Arlanda airport in Sweden you'll see some of his massive, coloured wood-carvings decorating the arrivals hall.

Anyhow, the place is in dire financial straits and this gala concert was intended to generate cash to fill the many holes in the budget. Here's a map of the area  of the museum to give you an idea. I've been visiting since 1985 and have seen it all growing and developing, and it is a total tragedy that the Swedish state hasn't understood the cultural value of such a place in the Northern region. There are so far NO funds forthcoming from central government at all - something which many friends are trying to influence.

Anyhow, the concert was great, lovely singing, fabulous acts, generously giving their time to raise money. Big crowd, bigger than the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States! And a lot keener to clap! We bought some CDs from a local group named after an ironmonger's shop in a little town called Nyland - Nyland's Iron (Nylands Järn), half te profits go to Mannaminnne at the moment.

Of course I had no camera. Of course I had no telephone either. Of course Keith lent me his. Of course I haven't the patience to wait to get his memory card. So here is my dinner. 

A delightful fresh pasta dish with mushrooms, red onions and red peppers combined with red pesto and creme fraiche. Keith made a salad from tomatoes grown round the corner by my green fingered friend Ann - her of the massive green house and generous nature! The wine is an Appassimento from north eastern Italy, just outside Venice. The cutlery is hand made from Thailand, ordered specially at (for me) huge expense when I got a permanent job. We only have a knife, fork and spoon each since there are limits!! I love the feel of the shiny/matt steel and they are perfectly balanced in your hand. They are such a treat that we use them every day.

In other news: I hardly cough at all these days. It ain't so pretty when I do, but at least I don't do it in my sleep any more! Thank you for your concern over the past few weeks. Lovely people!!

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