I'm on an interview panel at work for the next two days, vetting candidates for a new position that is seeking to support our multitude of projects with better planning of strategic communications. As someone who works on various projects, I can see there is a huge need for this extra resource. Even with the best will in the world, field teams won't prioritise thinking about best practice external communications in the face of innumerable other project issues with partners, finances and operations. This new role will mentor and support colleagues across the globe to plan ahead and produce high quality outputs.

I like being involved in recruitment. It's a privilege to be asked to shape the organisation and an honour to be invested with the responsibility. Panels benefit massively from a range of perspectives. This one draws people from different parts of the organisation, which is also helpful. When I'm recruiting I think just as much about interpersonal skills and fit as technical experience, knowing how crucial these are for a global and multicultural organisation like ours.

Aside from interviewing, other key questions of the day were whether the pavlova is an Australian or New Zealander dish, and whether shorts are appropriate office attire.

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