Today we expected to be entertaining old friends, but their work got in the way so we rescheduled last night. So we had a day for free! Strange how it felt like an extra day, an unplanned space.

I did some political work in the morning, organising, or at least trying to.

In the afternoon I chopped down some bushes that are on the edge of the garden and had got very woody. They will return but with lower level greenery instead of a yard of brown wood with a tuft of green on top. Two hours of physical work, I was pleased about that!

At 5 or so I went up to my work room for some quiet play with colours and a bit of gold. Around 8 I emerged with a handful of little paintings And the gold-framed extra made up of the trimmings from some of the paintings. the gold is the inside of a tomato puree tube, flattened out. Not sure what this last one is all about but it was interesting to stick and emboss.

It was good to be outside today, in some more normal weather. Sunny and mild with enough breeze to keep the biters at bay.

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