Elephants on the machine

It turned out that yesterday's "ouch" was a massive understatement, and I did nothing but sit in front of the TV all afternoon and evening, with my whole jaw screaming in sympathy with the missing molar. It may have been a problematic tooth, but it had been extremely well rooted in! Very relieved when the pain subsided after another dose of painkillers at bedtime, and today it hasn't been too bad.

After a trip to the surgery for my annual hypertension review this morning, spent most of the day sewing. Second pair of trousers turned up, and the huge rips in MrM's walking trousers mended (not such a good idea to climb over barbed wire fences!).

Joined MrM on a short walk in Happy Valley this evening. The sun was already going down by the time we got there, and it was quite gloomy in the woods, but good to be out all the same.

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