Mum and her friend were going to Liverpool today. Unfortunately her friend wasn't very well so I got to go instead.

We headed straight to the museum to see the Terracotta Army on display. Fortunately mum had already booked tickets, just as well as they had sold out today.  I really enjoyed the display and although there were only 5 figures it didn't matter. The 5 were full person height and each one was very different. There were also other interesting artefacts on view. I would recommend that you go and see them if you can.

The whole town was bustling with holiday visitors, school children and their parents.

We had a trip round the shops including Tea in John Lewis's, my favourite.

I love the architecture in Liverpool and we were able to take a stroll  around Pier Head. I took some photos of mum with the Beatles statue, her favourite was Paul.

Toria was at uni here from 2008-2011. She had a fabulous time and we've seen much of the city regenerated. There is still music everywhere, the street performers were on every corner.Most were tuneful, one or two not so much!.

A very satisfying day and with 12,000 steps under our belts we should sleep well tonight! 

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