Ave Maria

The chapel is located in the Hambos, close to the Kerkrade station at the end of the dead-end Nullanderbergsweg. The chapel can also be reached via a staircase on the Hambosweg. Nearby is a graveyard.
Spacious, high octagonal chapel with the tent roof and roof rider.

The chapel was consecrated on September 19, 1937, while at the same time the entire Kerkrade dean was dedicated to the Mother Mary. In the chapel, the rosary is prayed daily during the month of May.

The white-painted octagonal chapel is worn on the front by cream-colored pillars. A beautifully wrought iron railing closes the chapel. The chapel is located on a raised platform and is accessed via stairs. The interior is painted white.

On an altar, a statue of the Virgin Mary stands in a rosary. On the base of the statue is the text: Dekenaat Kerkrade to his dear Mother Mary. A stained-glass window from Leo Reichs's hand was made on four sides and made in Flo's workshop.

The glass in concrete windows have the following themes:
1) Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan.
2) Birth of Jesus.
3) Mary and John under the cross.
4) Ascension of Mary.
Leo Reihs, ca. 1990

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