Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

The (Fox and) Anchor Inn

I always find it mildly irritating when pubs change or alter names.  We've visited the Fox and Anchor for most of our married life, but I noticed this sign as I was out on a bike road today and the pub sign at the front also failed to mention the fox.

Riding along canal towpaths gives you a very clear indication of the lie of the land.  Heading out from home I'd reached Wolverhampton without a single lock passed, suggesting a fairly flat terrain.  Then in the 2-3 miles riding along the Wolverhampton canal to its junction with the Staffordshire and Worcester canal, I must have passed a dozen, all dropping the level.  In all my years working near Wolverhampton it had never registered with me how much higher the city was compared to the land to the north,

I'm still experimenting with the new filter.  One thing that is challenging me is focus.  I'd been made aware that allowing more infra red light on to the sensor meant that the different wavelengths of IR light all focused at different points, softening the resultant image.  Combine this with lenses that are designed to handle visible light and I'm beginning to realise I'm going to have to be a lot more methodical in achieving good focus (i.e. don't look too close at the acuity of this image!).

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