creative lenna

By creativelenna


I stopped by my mom's and had a nice visit with her. Her dogs, Loki (pictured above) and Beda also wanted to visit with me! Loki was being so well behaved and sitting so pretty, that I snapped some photos of him. He is 7 years old, I know this because my mom got him as a puppy a few months before my dad passed away. I think Beda is 4 years old now, but I am not sure. She is a Golden Doodle, which you may be able to sense by the way she is retrieving pillows, here!  This is her "thing" to do. Anyway, a lovely visit all around. 

p.s. Rower2012 visited my mom's with me earlier this year when he was staying at our home for a week! This link shows him with both dogs in March of 2018. My mom even said yesterday, "Beda! Leave Lenna alone! You'll just have to wait till Wayne visits again!!" . . . Beda was bugging me to pet her :0) 

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