Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

The Fifth Season

I know, I know, not everyone wants autumn to come too soon. In fact here the sun is back and the heat is still above average (whatever that is these days!) But there's a little something wonderful in the air and in the lighting, that tells me the seasons will soon be changing.
I plucked these three beautiful leaves from an ornamental cherry tree in my street. I do love the gentle warmth of their colours and the sharp cut out edges.
I love all of the four seasons for different reasons and I love that the Chinese celebrate five seasons:
Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer and also Late Summer.   
Behind each of the seasons there is an elemental energy; the Five Elements - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood actually creating each of them.  By observing nature we can see these five energies in the world around us and also see how these same energies are reflected within our own bodies and personalities.

Late Summer corresponds to the energy of the Earth: Mother Earth. Maybe that's why I like it so much!

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