I am sick to death of seeing this message.

It all started about 4 weeks ago when I took my 9 month old MacBook  Pro back to the Apple store because several keys were sticking.

After a week or so I got it back but a new problem was apparent.  Every 10 minutes or so it would crash with the message shown in this blip and reboot,  losing anything I was working on.

It was returned to the Apple store where they kept it for a week and replaced the keyboard module.

I collected it yesterday and 10 minutes after switching it on it crashed with the same error.

Several phone discussions with Apple have followed and despite re-installing the operating system twice it is still crashing.

I am expecting a phone call from them tomorrow morning which I expect will result in a trip back to Solihull to return it to the store for the third time (Total 90 miles travel!)

Not impressed!!!

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