The Wildflower Show

Spring is starting to spring into action, the day was warm and sunny and the wildflowers were out in all their glory up at Kings Park.

J had a prior engagement so i was free to go and spend quite a few hours at the park drinking in the beauty of the flowers.

The everlastings (pink and white papery native daisies) are growing en masse and there’s nothing as glorious as a wide carpet of those pink delights ( see extras).

The bees were having a field day and seemed to be everywhere (see extras). There were lots of different flowering eucalypts and bees were fighting for a place on those. In the extra’s you’ll see a huge yellow one which actually had four bees down deep inside and even more were piling in, they looked like they were swimming in the nectar down below and making a delightful humming chorus!! ;o)

All in all a fabulous day!

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